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POODLE – yet another SSL vulnerability

POODLE? Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption, an issue with the mechanism used in version 3 of the SSL technology, allows a party capable of intercepting secure communications between devices, to eventually gather enough information to decrypt the traffic....

Changing your WordPress password

Users of the Science WordPress service access the editing and publishing functions of their WordPress sites by providing a username and password. Some sites require a successful login by authorised users before the content can be viewed. There are essentially two...


Transport Layer Security – A development of SSL that uses certificates to authenticate (assert/assure identity) and encrypt exchanges between parties. This approach allows parties to negotiate appropriate mechanisms to use for secure exchange. cf....


Secure Sockets Layer -a mechanism for identity assertion and encryption. Identity is asserted through a trust network built around pre-exchanged root authorities, encryption uses RSA style public key exchange mechanisms. cf. TLS