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University Logos

If you make a web page and want to make sure you use the correct university logo, read on. Firstly, this article is not intended to replace the official guidelines, just to summarise the information in a short way that is useful for web designers. You should also...

Docker cheat sheet

Some useful commands¬†that help with managing, debugging and building docker containers. Start a container specifying DNS, mapped volumes, port mapping and run a program as a specific user. docker run -it –dns= –publish=

Mac OS X – Run a script on login

Firstly you must create an xml plist file defining the path of the script and parameters. This file is put into ~/Library/LaunchAgents/¬†Here is an example: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <!DOCTYPE plist...

Lease Refresh Process

The Lease Refresh process begins 4 months out from the end of a lease period, and is triggered (and owned) by the Lease Administrator. There are several parties involved in the process across the Science Faculty, with the ultimate goal of returning, extending or...