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Linux Apache MySQL PHP A standard web server configuration, providing a general purpose baseboard for application hosting and development.   LAMPs in our knowledge base

POODLE – yet another SSL vulnerability

POODLE? Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption, an issue with the mechanism used in version 3 of the SSL technology, allows a party capable of intercepting secure communications between devices, to eventually gather enough information to decrypt the traffic....


    DNA-surveillance is a collection of tools that enables a researcher to compare gene samples with existing maps of specific genomes, to help identify species. The various applications are instances of the same basic tool loaded with different genetic...

Drive mappings in CS, Math and Stat

In the interests of keeping it consistent across the admin machines, the administrative staff in these areas are being moved to a consistent set of drive mappings. The letters may be contentious, but there was not really time post-1 Oct to discuss such things. h:...