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SpinWorks is a programme that can process 1 and 2 dimensional NMR data. It is freely available for download and works primarily on Windows based computers though Jave versions are available for Mac OS. It is used by a number of staff and post graduate students in the School of Chemical Sciences. It is an alternative software to TopSpin; especially when the licence was limiting the number of copies that could be used at any one time.

For a full description of the software, please take a look at the following web page:

You can download SpinWorks here.

Access data for processing:

NMR data can be accessed by mapping network drives to the data shares from the facility.
Where xxx could be 300, 400, 400Plus or 500; depending on which machine you used to create the data.
You’ll need to use UOA\UPI and your University password to do this.
Please note that you’ll only have access to these after completing the required training for the use of the facility.