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The Faculty of Science restricts login access to the undergraduate computer labs we run to members of University Staff or students enrolled in a Faculty of Science taught papers.

The process is for the most part automated, requiring little to no input from Science IS.

Where a person receives a login error message saying “This Login method is not permitted …” the student is most likely not in a group permitting access and we have found an exception.


Check NetAccount

By checking NetAccount confirm that the user is not in the group gamers@fos – if they are, this person has done something to be explicit barred from using any of our lab computers!

By checking NetAccount confirm the person is a member of Staff at the university or they have a current year enrolment. From the top down, they need to have the group citylabs@fos. If they have citylabs they have access. citylabs Contains a number of groups. These groups fit into one of two strategies:

1)    Automatically populated;

These take care of the bulk of users eg UniStaff (@ec), Science (@now), SOFTENG.papers (@now), ENGEN131 x.xx (@now). These should not be part of the exceptions list however, on occasion the user has all they need but still can not log in. This normally has to do with groups needing to synch overnight (eg they just enrolled)

2)   Manually populated;

Not all users we would like to give access to our labs will have pre-existing automated groups, so we have a few that need to be manually populated. eg  InfoTech_club (@sit), Stats-Demons (@stat),  TechBootcamp (@fos), summer (@math), SCL-Users (@sfac).

Where we can delegate user management we prefer a group be created and placed within SCL-Users (@sfac), the relevant department then get access to add users, eg to allow lab demonstrators or tutors access. this should look like citylabs (@fos) ->  SCL-Users (@sfac) -> Stats-Demons (@stat) . Stats-Demons would contain the list of demonstrators that the dept admins can manage.

That’s not always possible eg, citylabs (@fos) -> InfoTech_club (@sit) – this group permits members of the AUSA approved and CompSci sponsored student club that need access to the labs. Members get forwarded to Science IS who add users to the group