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If you make a web page and want to make sure you use the correct university logo, read on.

Firstly, this article is not intended to replace the official guidelines, just to summarise the information in a short way that is useful for web designers. You should also consult the web style guide for details on how the University branding is translated to a web page.

The University provides a content delivery network (CDN). This service enables you to link the correct logos into your web pages, and serve them up fast.

To use one of the logos on this page you should right-click on it and choose Copy link or similar.

The URL will be something beginning with:……

Do not copy the images from this website, click the image and use the URL you get from there.


Landscape format

Square format

Web colours


 Font stack

The official university font for the web is Verdana.

font-family: Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif;