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The Lease Refresh process begins 4 months out from the end of a lease period, and is triggered (and owned) by the Lease Administrator.

There are several parties involved in the process across the Science Faculty, with the ultimate goal of returning, extending or buying out all leased equipment prior to the end of the lease period, while enabling staff to continue to work on equipment that best fits their needs.

This process is continually in development.  If you know of any changes/updates that need to be made, do so (or flag for discussion) so that the process and documentation continues to be relevant.


  • This document gives a high-level overview of the process end-to-end


  • This document is long, but aims to give task-level instructions of the process that are be able to be followed with little prior knowledge
  • Each section aligns with a step in the flow


  • This is the master spreadsheet which is used throughout the Lease Refresh process
  • There are complex formulae in here that do a lot of heavy lifting in terms of collating the various data sources together.  These are summarised in the document at the bottom of this page.  This spreadsheet is automated as much as possible, however some human interpretation and manipulation will always be required

Complementary Documents

The documents below contribute to, or complement, the process above.

Master flow diagram outlining the process (source for the above .pdf).  Process will likely be fairly static, however if changes do need to be made then update this document and save as .pdf

Email templates used in Steps 3, 5 and 8.  Email templates for sending to users/Department Management for both Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook (both via mail merge, and just normal templates).

Document outlining the various formulae used in ‘Lease_reconciliation_MASTER.xlsx’.  Can be used if adjustments required, or in case of corruption/rollback.

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