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In the interests of keeping it consistent across the admin machines, the administrative staff in these areas are being moved to a consistent set of drive mappings.

The letters may be contentious, but there was not really time post-1 Oct to discuss such things.

h: -> \
The personal folder for a user on the ITS managed SONAS based file server, files.auckland

j: -> \
The personal folder created on the Science Faculty’s file server, files.fos. %USERNAME% is normally a UPI.

k: -> \
The Maths administrative shared area on SciDrive

q: -> \PsoftServerPSoftApps
The file server used by the various PeopleSoft applications for reports, collateral, etc.

s: -> \
Group and personal shares for administrative staff associated with the faculty office in Science.

t: -> \
The shared folders associated with departments in Science, hosted on the files.fos server.

z: -> \
The Finance folder on the faculty office’s file server.


A group gs_csmathstat@fos has been created in NetAccount to hold people who need to work across all of the departments here. This group is not exported to the domain, but adds its membership to admin@cs, admin@math, and admin@stat.


A script

Copy the following and paste into a batch file (something.bat or something.cmd), run as the user who wants the drives.

@echo off
echo "Please make sure you have saved everything then quit before allowing this to run."
echo "This script deletes existing drive mappings matching those it creates."
echo "You should be logged on as the person who needs these mappings."
echo "This script should continue on errors -eg. where you do not have access to a particular share.)"

echo "Press 'CTRL' and 'C' to STOP this script now"

echo "mapping h: to the sonas home folder"
if exist h: (net use h: /delete)
net use h: \ /persistent:yes

echo "mapping j: to the old private folder on files.fos"
if exist j: (net use j: /delete)
net use j: \ /persistent:yes

echo "mapping k: to the Maths admin folder on SciDrive"
if exist k: (net use k: /delete)
net use k: \ /persistent:yes

echo "mapping q: to the Peoplesoft shared area"
if exist q: (net use q: /delete)
net use q: \PsoftServerPSoftApps /persistent:yes

echo "mapping s: to the STAFF share in SciFacServ"
if exist s: (net use s: /delete)
net use s: \ /persistent:yes

echo "mapping t: to the science-faculty share on files.fos"
if exist t: (net use t: /delete)
net use t: \ /persistent:yes

echo "mapping z: to the FINANCE share on SciFacServ"
if exist z: (net use z: /delete)
net use z: \ /persistent:yes

echo "Done!"