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The blog site will support a campaign aimed at lifting the profile of teaching as a career, and is being looked after in the Faculty of Education.

The Top of the Class blog was created in our multiuser WordPress instance to provide a temporary work around for a marketing campaign site. The plan is that the WordPress based site will eventually be replaced by the Social Media module in the University’s AEM platform. is the WordPress site, and this will be linked to from the front door for the campaign

The campaign team can be contacted through


Three distinct roles:

  • contributor
    The bloggers. Can create and edit unpublished posts, and upload media. A number of teachers around New Zealand (and potentially further abroad) fill this fundamental role.
  • editor
    The moderators and content owners. Can move posts through the workflow, create, change and delete content, moderate comments, etc. The project team in the Faculty of Education look after this role.
  • administrator
    the technical administrator for the blog. This role is held by the web team in Science IT.

Managed using the User Role Editor plugin.

Youtube Plus -upload and embed Youtube content in the blog interface.


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