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Service parameters

Staff and students qualified to access the software portal can download and license software subject to the terms of the MSDN Academic Alliance agreement.

In essence this agreement allows you to play with a large portion of Microsoft’s operating system and application catalogue for the purposes of teaching and research. The agreement is a lot more complicated than be captured here, but the terms are available when you interact with the catalogue.

logging in

To get to the catalogue (where the system recognises you as part of the Faculty of Science), start at

You will be asked to log in using the University’s IAM/SSO portal, and should land at something looking a bit like:


To access this portal you need to be in msdnaa.fos. This group is managed through NetAccount and includes current staff and students enrolled in any science papers in the current academic year. Our agreement covers the Faculty.

Business and Economics and Engineering have their own agreements for MSDN AA -some staff and students may have access to more than one version of this portal. What you see in the catalogue will be determined by the way in which you log in.

Subscription details

Science pays Microsoft NZ$429 pa for the licence to let students download and install certain software. We subscribe to the Premium subscription. The list of software provided is available from the Dreamspark web site (excel sheet download).

Names, numbers, and secrets

  • Contact person at Microsoft: Matt Bostwick <>.
  • Passwords in secret server.
  • Agreement# in secret server.
  • Contact email in Microsoft’s records: (most likely), also
  • Contact name in Microsoft’s records: Robert Carter
  • Microsoft ID:, password: secret server.



  • Renewed 25 June 2014 by Robert Carter
  • Due to expire: 25 June 2015
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