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Users of the Science WordPress service access the editing and publishing functions of their WordPress sites by providing a username and password. Some sites require a successful login by authorised users before the content can be viewed.

There are essentially two categories of usernames and passwords, those managed within the WordPress service itself (local accounts), and those managed through the University directory (directory accounts).

This article deals with how WordPress users can change the password associated with their local account. It should be noted that not all sites allow this. People who use their University usernames and passwords through the directory connector need to change their password through the identity management services provided by the University -see

There are two basic scenarios for changing the password associated with a local account: I forgot my password and I want to change my password

I forgot my password

Get to a login and click on the Lost your password? link

wp login

You will be prompted to enter the email address configured for your account.

My email address

Enter the address, click on Get New Password, then check the associated email account for a password lost/changed message. This contains a link which allows you to enter a new password.


I want to change my password

You could use the Lost my password process above. However, if you have logged in already and want to change your password, you can do so through the Edit My Profile tool. This is accessed through the menu bar under your name in the top right hand corner of the WordPress interface.

Edit My Profile


The password change option is accessed towards the bottom of the profile panel

Update my profile


Remember to save the changes when done!



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