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Cytosketch is a imaging program for processing, organizing and publishing biological images, often micrographs. It may be downloaded as a free trial version from . Installation usually is straight forward if you ensure the following.

  1. Running the software requires Java Development Kit (JDK) to be installed first.
  2. After installing JDK download and install the demo software of Cytosketch from 
  3. When the program prompts for a license code this will need to be provided by the purchaser, usually the lab wanting the software installed.
  4. If the license is being moved from one machine or login to another use the instructions on to deregister the license. You need to be logged in as the person who installed the software to deregister it from the login.
  5. Because of the nature of the licensing if more than one person will be using it on the computer then a common login may need to be set up. People using two different logins on the same computer cannot use a single registered copy without registering it to their personal login.


After installing the current version JDK 8 release it was found that the install failed while the splash screen was still open. That splash screen disappeared without the software being installed. Checking the install logs there appeared to be an error regarding net beans. Pursuing the error further indicated a net beans bug in the version 8 release of JDK. Uninstalling it and re-installing JDK 7.55 fixed the problem. Presumably later releases of JDK 8 will also fix the problem.

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