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Q1 2014 variant



  • MacOS X 10.9.x
  • Arduino driver
  • Jamaseis
  • Owncloud client
  • VLC


  • Energy saver
    Energy saver settings
    The Mac is also configured to restart after a disruption to power.
  • Prevent App Nap configured for the Jamaseis application
    No sleeping on the job!
  • local users:
    seismometeradmin – an administrative user account
    seismometeruser – a standard account
  • Automatic login for the seismometeruser account
  • Hard drive split into a system drive and a data drive -roughly 50-50 (not important at this stage)
  • Owncloud configured to sync /Volumes/data/data using an account specifically assigned to the machine.
  • /Users/seismometeruser/jAmaseisData -> /Volumes/data/data/jAmaseisData
  • Jamaseis configured to run on startup

Jamaseis configuration

  •  FTP pointed at winfiles

Owncloud configuration

  •  Defaults left intact at this stage.


 See Seismographs in Schools NZ -NZseis


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