Select Page is the address for the public facing web site associated with the Department of Computer Science in the University of Auckland.

After decades of being hosted in servers maintained by departmental and faculty IT people, the presentation of the site was migrated into University’s F5 + webroute infrastructure in Summer 2013-2014. This aligned the core technical design with other departmental and faculty sites.

The F5 + webroute infrastructure provides a common presentation technology providing high availability and load balancing services for web, directory and mail services.

It's a mashup

It’s a mashup

When someone connects to the website at they may get content from a number of different servers. The two main providers are the Adobe Experience Manager (aka. the University Content Management Service -CMS), and the webcluster2 based virtual host that used to be the primary presentation platform.

Webcluster2 also proxies content from other servers through this specific virtual host.


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