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The Institute of Marine Science (IMS)general information

The Institute of Marine Science was formed in 2013 and includes people formally associated with SBS. It is also known informally as Marine Sciences. More info here 

Research groups

  • Coastal Processes
  • Environmental Science
  • Evolution, Systematics and Ecology
  • Fisheries & Aquaculture
  • Oceanography
  • Marine Chemistry
  • Marine Geology

Rooms with shared computer facilities

  • Postgraduate study room 114-G05
  • Computer room at Leigh Marine Laboratory

 University staff computers shared with

  • NIWA

Service facilities

  • Leigh Marine Laboratory

Director : 2014 Simon Thrush

Manager: 2014 Arthur Cozens

Useful IT Contacts

Administrative: Arthur Cozens

Technical: John Atkins


 IP Range at Leigh Marine Laboratory at Commerce A building 114

Buildings (Locations)

Buildings 114 and Leigh Marine Laboratory


  • CAPS print queues direct pharos and via spoolers  here
  • Bestgrid/ eResearch mainly
    • MATLAB
    • Sigmaplot
    • ArcGIS