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You are a number

Every employee and student, some contractors and visitors, and various other affiliates, are assigned an ID number.

This number is referred to in a number of ways:

  • Student ID number
  • Staff ID number
  • Employee ID number
  • UoAID
  • ID

The basic ID number is a 7 or 9 (as of 2014) digit string, and is unique.

Some people may have more than one ID number for various reasons. At any one time it would be unusual for more than one to remain active, and the old one(s) will remain assigned and unavailable for use with another person.

The ID card

Every University ID card is a unique credential. Some people will be issued many cards during their association with the University, and while the UoAID is the base, each card has a unique number.
At any one time only one ID card is considered active. Systems using an ID card as a form of authentication need to check that the card being presented is the current one.

The number on the card is encoded in a barcode and on a magnetic strip and has the form

2<date of issue, month+year (2 digits)><7 or 9 digit ID number><sequence number (1 digit)><check digit (1 digit)>


20214999999903 (7 digit UoAID)
2071499999999912 (9 digit UoAID)

A simple barcode reading script can be found at 

UoAID != NetID

In the late 20th century the term NetID was coined as a reference to UPI. This lead to all sorts of confusion.

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