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Raman spectroscopy in the Photon factory is currently housed on the 5th floor of the building 301 . From an IT perspective it is unusual in that it uses a computer to control the instrument that requires relatively old technology. The computer is a minitower with an ISA slot to accommodate the interface card that communicates with the Raman instrument. The company that provides the Raman hardware does not provide upgraded drivers for the interface card to allow the computer to be upgraded beyond Windows 98 2nd edition.

Hardware requirements

A Pentium 2 or newer minitower with an ISA slot for the card that interfaces with the Raman instrument and CD drive for installaton of windows 98 operating system.

Windows 98 with suitable drivers for the computer hardware. Typically win98 graphics card driver, wind98 USB memory stick driver, win98 zip drive if still used, win98 network driver.

Reasonable graphics capability if the camera on the microscope is used to display the real image.

Procedure for installation from scratch.

  1. Take the computer with hard drive installed and boot off win98 cd rom. The windows 98 disk is kept by the Raman Laboratory manager.
  2. For now leave out the specialist Raman interface hardware.
  3. Follow the instructions to install win98. With post year 2000 motherboards it is likely they have a plug and play extension that interferes with the DT3153 frame grabber board and cannot be turned off. Turning off ACPI is not sufficient as it will still occupy the start of the 00000000 address. To overcome this problem run the windows 98 install in a way that completely ignores any plug and play settings. The command from a CD is d:win98setup /p i . See for details.
  4. Note that windows 98 will not recognize modern partitions such as NTFS or Linux. You may need to use the command prompt and type “fdisk”, delete existing partitions and create new FAT partitions. Once these are created the “format c:” command will format the disk taking about 30 min or more depending on its size.
  5. During and after installation you may be prompted to install drivers for the hardware. Install the motherboard chip set drivers first, then the video card drivers, then the rest. These drivers are kept in folders on media provided by the Raman Laboratory manager.
  6. Once win98 is installed turn off the machine and install the special Raman interface cards.
  7. Start the computer and have the Raman Laboratory manager install the specialist software and drivers that control the interface card and the software for using the Raman instrument.
  8. Collaborate with the Raman Laboratory manager to ensure the computer is still running as expected. Set up communication with the network as required. Do not connect to the main university network. Networking should be on a secure network or local to another properly patched and secured computer. Drivers for devices are kept by the Raman Laboratory manager.
  9. To connect to a windows 7 computer via the network both the Raman computer has to be in the same workgroup as the windows 7 computer. Usually just place the win98 computer into the UOA workgroup to match the domain of the other computer. Create a user on the win98, currently called raman, so you can use that when logging in to the share. Password is currently set to raman June 2014