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This article is intended for use by Science IT Staff, it describes the method used to rebuild the Statistics department teaching laptop’s.

There are 9 Laptops in circulation (7 Lenovo and 2 HP EliteBook), an image has been taken using Clonezilla to preserve the system’s original setup state.

The image can be deployed using Clonezilla media to restore from backup.

The backup is located on the network – \scidrivesit$softwareStatsLenovo Tablet Backup & HP EliteBook Backup

Copy the Backup to a External USB Drive

To create the Clonezilla media – use a USB and the software called “LinuxLive USB Creator 2.8.25.exe” (located in the same place)

Follow these steps; (Clovnezilla iso is located in the same place “clonezilla-live-2.2.0-29-amd64.iso”)

Creating a Linux Live USB key is then a five easy steps process:

  • step 1: choose a USB key or drive in the list
  • step 2: select an ISO file or a CD
  • step 3: choose the size of persistent data (usually between 250 MB and 2 GB)
  • step 4: check the options you want
  • step 5: click the lightning button to start the creation

Moreover, each mandatory step (1, 2 and 3) has a traffic light to indicate its state:

  • Red light: the step has not been carried out correctly, you cannot start creating a Live USB key
  • Orange light: there is a non blocking problem during this step, you can still start the creation
  • Green light: everything is fine


The following is the Restore proceedure;

Boot the laptop from the USB

The Clonezilla window should appear “select Enter”


English – Enter


Enter again – No Keymap


Start CloneZilla – Enter


Device to Image – Enter


Use Local Device – Enter


Plug in USB Backup device with the Backup Image on it – Enter


Select Partition – Enter


Top Directory – Enter




Beginner – Enter


Select Retore image to Disk – Enter




Select Partition to write to – Enter




Y – Enter


Y – Enter



Retart the PC – select start Windows normally

Login without a network connection

Change the name of the computer (Join to work group first – Restart – Join UOA)

Install KeyServer software

Should be GOOD to GO !!!!







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