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15 August 2018

The Unscrambler

The School of Chemical Sciences have a 10 user licence for the Unscrambler software, very useful for multivariate work. This was started by Stuart Dykes for his PhD work, and he obtained this knowing that the AWRI were making extensive use of the software. Michel Nieuwoudt has also been a user of the software and used of it for FTIR data handling.

The program is a 10 user license and is accessed on remote desktop on
NB To login to RDS-1 and use the software the users will need to be put in the unscrambler_users@chemistry group in the – i.e. the unscrambler_users group in the domain.

To log on:

1) On the local machine, click on the Search Windows icon and type ‘Remote Desktop Connection’.
2) For the server-name, enter
3) For the username/password, use your UPI/password.
4) Once logged in, the user should open the shortcut on the desktop ‘The Unscrambler X 10.3’.
The user must enter a User Name UserX (where X = 1 to 10). i.e. there is a user name for each seat of the license.
The password is UserXPass (where X = 1 to 10).
For the server IP: Users seem to forget this step.

Ten users can use it at a time.

To save files created on The Unscrambler, the user will need to save them to a network drive (J: or h: etc.), they will also need to store their relevant data matrices on this drive.
Chemistry Contact is Michel Nieuwoudt (09)9238875 302-741 now with The Photon Factory.
ITS Contact: Darren Alexander ext. 81265

NB is the; FOS licence server – this is where the licences are stored.
If this is not changed in the login window (it defaults to the program will give the following message: “Please ensure that the license server is running”

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