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Kind of an Asset Organizing System. A file maker based service developed to track IT assets in the Faculty of Science. All stages of the asset lifecycle can potentially be managed through the system, which includes the ability to create and store the required paperwork.

The server is hosted on and may be accessed from the URL
Functionality of the web client is limited at best, and should really only be relied on for a quick browse.

Kaos may also be accessed using Filemaker Pro which may better suit your use on your local desktop. To do this install a copy of Filemaker Pro v14 on your computer. In Filemaker Pro use the file menu to “Open Remote” database. In the ‘Launch Center’ that pops up, add the host:

The KAOS Manual is available at:

A different copy of the manual, that appears to be older but also covers more ground, is available here: KAOS_comprehensive.pdf

It should be used as a supplementary document, and if there’s a KAOS function that isn’t covered in the online manual, check this .pdf


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