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Includes ChemDraw, Chem3D, ChemOffice. MestRecNova MestReNova plugin similar to Topspin. Topsin has more functionality. Spinworks is another alternative.

CBOU has an annual subscription – users get notification about 1 month out every time they open CBOU. What they are meant to do is go to Help in the file menu and then “Activate ChemBioOffice” Then Click on the button labelled “ Activate ChemBioOffice over the Internet” They need to do this before the subscription runs out otherwise the serial new number will need to be entered in order to re-activate.

About 10% of the the people in Chemistry will do this, the rest will forget and require the new serial number inserted for them. We are not allowed to distribute the internal serial number. If they want a personal serial number they must follow the procedure at: [[1]]

To this end there are two ways of updating the serial number and activation code through the registry remotely.

1) Open Regedit as a person who has domain local Administrative rights and connect to the network registry (from the file menu) – I prefer to use \Ipaddress for the computer name. Then from the file menu click Import and navigate to \$softwareChemOfficeUltraWindowsCBOU12 (or CBOU13 if that is the CBOU version) and import the relevant .reg file

2) For 64 bit machines (which is the vast majority) You can download \$softwareChemOfficeUltraWindowsCBOU2013-64Remote.cmd To the local machine. Hold down Shift while Right clicking on the file and select “run as another user” to run it with domain local administrator rights (sfacadministrative account). It will prompt you for the last two decimal octas of the IP address and it it is successful it will say so for each of the keys updated.

NOTE: for this to work Remote Registry must be enabled on the user’s machine.