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For UoA Desktop Computers

ChemBioOffice is installed on all Chemistry Desktop Computers as part of the Chemistry Image.
However The licence is renewed on an anual basis. This means that at the end of each Licence Period (Usually May or June)
teht software will display the ChembioOffice Software Activation window (See Below) when it starts up .
Re-activation is meant to take place when the user clicks on the Activate over the Internet button.
However, sometimes this does not work because the serial number has been changed by the supplier.
(This has become problematical since Perkin Elmer took over Chambridgesoft in 2011).
In this case you will need to obtain the current  serial number from secret server (see below)
Also the SCCM image does not always activate ChemBioOffice because of some changes that Perkin Elmer have made.
So it is necessary to check ChemOffice activation at deployment time by running the software.

NB – Important

PerkinElmer have become very aggressive in protecting their Copyright so it is imperative that the Lab or Internal Serial
numbers are not handed out to users. For people to use ChembioOffice on personal computers either inside or outside the
University they must obtain their own serial number as outlined on the 
Our licence will be removed if a lab serial number is found to be on a private comuter.

Obtaining a Serial Number for an UoA Computer:

The current (valid until June 2013) active serial number Should be abl  be obtained from Secret Server

The actual installation file is freely available from sit Build here:

Activation from within ChemBioOffice Application:

Open ChemBio Office and go to Help and click on ‘Activate ChemBioDraw Ultra’



This brings up the CambridgeSoft Software Activation Window


Fill in the Name and Organisation (The University of Auckland) if it isn not already filled in.
Insert the current serial number if it is not already there.
Click on ‘Activate over Internet’
This will bring up the following message:


CliCk OK to continue.

After a few minutes The following success message should appear:



1.) The Activation Code
is also available on Software server. This can be manually inserted in
appropriate field if activating over the internet does not work
2.)  If you have re-activated ChemBioOffice before the the expiry date you should not need to get
another serial number for on-campus machines.


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