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This database contains a list of Chemicals in the Chemistry store along with some Hazard information
for thse chemicals. It is mainly used for stock control purposes and the issuing of Chemicals to people
who require them.

It uses a SQL server backend and an IIS front end.

Unfortunately authentication it is not connected to NetAcount. It has its own database of users
that are directly linked to the old Chemistry Web page. Thus to give people access you have to give them access
to the old Chemistry Web Page. There was a link to this page from the Chemistry Intranet page, but that has gone.
After this you log out of the Website and log back nto the Database an give the user the appropriate roles.
It is fairly convoluted and not particularly intuitive.

Giving People Access to the Database:

Brief Outline

1) Login to the Old Webserver as Admin and create the user there (use UPI) and get the user to set the password.
2) Log out of the Web Server and log in to the Database server
3) Go to the admin|User roles page (menu item )
4)Bring up the new user in the “Staff in Website Database” Drop down list and select your new user in the
5) Select the user from the drop down list under Set Permissions and make sute All users is selected in ‘Role’
click GO the Roles of the user will appear in the Right.
6) Select any other Roles click ” Add to Roles’
7) Log out

In Detail

To enter someone into the old Web page database go directly to:

There is a menu bar at the top Highlight ‘Staff’ and select ‘login’ and then ‘Website’



This brings up the website log in:


(You can go straight to it

Put in an administrative name and password (nothing to do with ec/UoA credentials) – There is a general Administrative account called Admin the password fro which is available on Secret Server under “Chemistry Store Database”.

This brings you to the Website Administration Page



Select Add New Staff and fill in the form with the username and optionally some details.

and then save.

Once it has saved click on change username and password on the Right hand side list.
select the user from the dropdown list. Here you can change the username if you want
and you set the password that has to start with a letter and contain a number.

When this is finished you log out of the web page and go to the Database:

Log in as Admin and select Admin and User roles from the drop down menu along the top.

(As at August 2014 the Admin account does not have the Admin drop down menu. To do this part refer to Mrs Anoma Ratnayake who has the rights and may fix the admin rights of the Admin account as time permits.)

From the Staff in Website Database Drop down list select the user you created previously and then click
‘Add to Chemiscls Database’ immediately below it.

If the user does not appear in ‘Staff in Website’ list click the ‘Reload Staff’ link immediately above it to refresh the list.

Under ‘User Permissions’ select the user name from the ‘User’ drop down list and in the ‘Role’ list make sure ‘All Users’ is selected.
click GO the Roles of the user will appear in the ‘Roles of <UserName> to the right Right.

Select any other Roles from the drop down list next to the Add (in the  ‘Action’ column). Click the ‘Add’ link to to add the role.

For somebody who requires Administrative rights you can add administrator or click on ‘Add all Roles’

Most Users only need the All Users role. Some Might need the View all carts.
People who are administering the store might need issue carts.
The ‘edit’ roles are for peopl ewho need the rights to change things.

When you have finished adding roles Log out


In the future it would be good if this could be modified to allow authentication from the UoA domain.

David Titheridge Created the Interface and Database so modification would need to be done in collaboration with him
and the Store Manager who is the main Power User.