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Persons responsible for  – Anyone who can access KAOS can create a CEA.


Any field that is marked with a blue label is a mandatory field.



CEA Item descriptions must be accurate and contain all necessary information:

– The manufacturer for IT related CEA’s e.g. Apple, Dell, HP.

  The item type e.g. laptop, printer

  Model number if available


Description has a drop down list with common/current models and can be used as a template for non standard items if necessary.


Important to get the description correct as this filters through to the order and asset details later in the process.


Monitors must include a size in the description.


Model numbers must be entered into the model field.


Usually if it’s leased order, under funding, choose BASE

And then choose leased: Yes, choose the right lease Sch


On the right side, IT justification/Comments, you need to list the name of the computer users. If it is non-standard computers, justification need to be filled in or attached.



Quotes must be dragged into the documentation area of KAOS under the Quote Tab on the CEA page.


CEA needs to be printed and signed by Departmental HOD’s or other staff with signing authority, after that it need to be signed off by SIT team leaders, either Werner or Graeme, if the lease or purchase order is involved with large quantity or expensive computers, we need to get SIT business manager to sign off


CEA is then sent to faculty Finance Anita, she arranges the CEA for further approval, it usually takes 1-2 weeks to get the CEA signed off and ready to place order.

Once Anita places order, she will update the CEA with order number in KAOs, with the order number, we can track down the delivery status from Dell website.