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This article describes the process used to ‘create boot-able media’ to run a Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) deployment, designed for use by Science IT staff.

Source file location;

Boot media file – 


(the iso supports current standard University PCs, this includes Dell Optiplex Desktops including ‘9020’ and Latitude laptops)


Save the file “fos-boot-x86-20131125.iso” locally then use the ISO to create your bootable media.

For Windows use something like Infra-recorder to burn an image to CD or DVD.

You can also create a bootable USB device such as a memory stick – to do this you can use either 7zip or wizip to unzip the .iso. (the USB needs to be > 4GB)

Make sure the USB is formatted with FAT32and copy the iso files to it.

To make the USB bootable – use a windows 7 install CD to run the following command; (assuming Z: is your CD drive and E: is your USB drive)

Run cmd as administrator


CD boot


Z:boot>bootsect.exe /NT60 E:

Target volumes will be updated with BOOTMGR compatible bootcode.


G: (\?Volume{396ea864-1e62-11de-a02a-000c76b0f5c0})


    Successfully updated NTFS filesystem bootcode.


Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes.


Once the media has been created you can boot the computer to be installed using the media (hold down F12 for Dells to select it as the boot device) and run the SCCM wizard to start the process.


(you may need to edit Bios to enable the USB boot option)