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KAREN stands for Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network 

KAREN is owned and operated by REANNZ (Research and Education Advnaced Network New Zeland) in turn REANNZ is a crown owned company. Membership and use is governed by the Network Access and Acceptable use Policy (.pdf, 370KB)
The University of Auckland is a full member of REANNZ

RIANNZ via KAREN aims to provide a niche set of high capacity, high performance network and supporting services for New Zealand’s research, education and innovation communities.

RIANNZ provides both a national and international network.

National Network
The national network offers connection options up to 10Gb/s with a minimun connecion speed of 1Gb/s, whilst the national backbone runs at 10Gb/s.
The advantages of this network over the normal New Zealand commercial interconects are that this is a flat, unmetered, unconstrained network optimised for the needs of research, Education and Inovation communities.
This means that Jumbo Frames (optimises data flow for large data sets), IPv4 and IPv6 (so no break in connectivity) and multicast routing (good for video conference and interactive sessions) are fully supported.

International Network
KAREN connects to the rest of the world by 2 x 1Gb/s links, one each to Sydney and Los Angeles.
From these two connection point we are connected to over 100 Research and Education networks across the globe.

How do I use KAREN.
Use of KAREN network is managed by policies set by the Information Technology Services (ITS) Network Operations team.
This means that traffic directed to an institution that participates in KAREN or one of the other International research networks will automatically be sent via the KAREN network.