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FreeNX is an opensource RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) (NX is the technology for remote display).  It provides similar functionality as Microsoft RDP and can be used on a wide variety of systems.  FreeNX uses the open sourced core libraries from NoMachine .  You can install NoMachine via an easily downloadable package found here.  NoMachine only allows for 2 simultaneous connections before you have to pay to increase connection count.  This is where installing freenx-server is superior.  Currently freenx is lagging behind NoMachine in features – NoMachine allows for a beta download of version 4, however freenx-server only provides version 3.5.


  1. Add the ATrpms repository
  2. Install the NoMachine client (this installs some base software that the server requires)
  3. sudo yum install freenx nx --enablerepo=atrpms-bleeding
  4. sudo /usr/libexec/nx/nxsetup –install
  5. Answer N to the following
    "Do you want to use your own custom KeyPair? [y/N]"
  6. Make sure that the nx user that was created has the ability to login via SSH (you may need to modify access.conf)
All users who have SSH access should now be able to login via freenx.  I suggest installing the free NoMachine clients and using those with the server.


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