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Use this checklist for arrival of machines to be deployed within SBS and Psychology modified to include some practices in sector 300. Underlined italics parts describe areas where practices in different sectors may vary in significant ways.

On arrival of new shipment

  1. When present check consignment note matches number of boxes and note damage boxes on slip signed for driver.
  2. Find packing slip, check, date and sign it. Signature must be legible or add printed version.
  3. Check packing slip matches what is in boxes and that it matches Kaos order.
  4. Email out SIT staff the order numbers and names on the packing slips.
  5. If all documentation is correct boxes may be marked.
  6. Scan packing slip and consignment note into Kaos on “Filemaker” server . Finance will not pay for the computers without proof of arrival of shipment.
  7. In sector 100-200 place boxes in the storage area 104-B05 labelled for each department in sector and labeled appropriately. For sector 300 label and place in 303-B84. Finance will not transfer individual leases between departmental budgets due to the work involved so computers must be deployed to the correct departments or special arrangements made.
  8. Ensure orders of equipment for each quarter are grouped and deployed together. Leasing companies are particular about the accessories returned and will charge for mis-matched accessories.

Organizing which computers to replace

  1. Use SIT database to produce a lease rollover list for the quarter being rolled out. Kaos currently runs under filemaker pro fmnet:/ .
  2. Determine which computers need replacing or leases extended.
  3. Determine if any additional computers are needed.

Installing computers

  1. Select a computer to role over and note the replacement type as indicated in appropriate Requests and returns or see build team. If everyone works through the list in order from top to bottom it is easier to keep track of which machines are being deployed. Urgent requests will require this pattern to be broken.
  2. Create an AskIT job for the deployment with the UPI of the person being deployed to. Enter serial number of both the old and new computer in job title in AskIT.
  3. Update the notes for asset in Kaos. Enter the data in the location field and custodian field. The UPI in the computers name ( see below) should also be used as the custodian. If the current user of the computer differs from the custodian the UPI of the current user should be added to the notes as the current user along with the current date.
  4. Check against Kaos  documents (CEA, Order, packing slip)  and departmental spreadsheets (sometimes on sharepoint or with Graeme for Env, Margaret for Psy, Peter for Chem?, Haying for others) that the type and components of the computer you are deploying are correct.
  5. The name of the computer takes the form sc-UPI-number . Because of the sharing of computers among SBS postgrads and technicians and their mobility between research groups use the UPI of the primary supervisor rather than the student. As the number in the name needs to be predictably unique try the first digits of the Dell service tag. Further info is here .
  6. Enter network interface card (NIC/mac) address for an IP in Old Choral and the destination building for the computer. . In the appropriate fields in Rincewind fill in the UPI of the person using it, the asset tag, the serial number and location it is deployed to. If building at sector 300 image panel will need an entry In image panel first add the computer using machine manager. As a second step associate the machine with an IP address. Reflect in Rincewind the name, mac address, serial number location etc. in the old computer entry.
  7. Set the bios to enable wake up from LAN for remote management. LAN only, not WLAN or LAN/WLAN options available on Dell laptops .
  8. Install using SCCM with software requested by end user. Windows 7 64 bit unless justified otherwise. Note special installation instructions for some co-locators here

With the Customer

  1. Add printers in customers area, including netaccount. There are too many printers in SBS to map them all. Laptops in particular may be in two locations so may require up to 4 printers to be mapped and personal printers and scanner attached. Printer locations are on these maps . Printer install files are here.
  2. Transfer profile using Easy transfer program under windows accessories for sector 300. In sector 100-200 encourage backup to servers before changing computers.
  3. Teach customer how to map drives or add drive mappings once customer has logged on.
  4. remind the customers that they must fill in an off site asset form before taking any assets off campus. Similar data is in the laptop custodian form which must also be filled out.
  5. if at any stage you cannot complete the deployment to the point of handover of the computer ensure the details are noted in Kaos and AskIT to allow another IT support staff to take over and complete the deployment.
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