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Mailhost is a cluster of servers that handle the job of delivering mail in to, out of, and around  the University.

The cluster is accessed at

and is made up of a number of servers that share the load of sorting incoming and outgoing messages, virus and spam filtering , and delivery of mail.



The cluster provides Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) services, and where a mail client requires it, can be configured as the outgoing server associated with a University mail account.

A CNAME or alias for mailhost includes:

to make it easier for mail clients to guess correct settings. This service can be used unauthenticated or encrypted on the University network, but will require current active University credentials (upi + password -no ‘UOA’ required) and support for TLS/SSL encryption when used from anywhere else.



The University uses Cisco Ironport appliances to do these jobs, so this service is sometimes referred to as the Ironport.