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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a mechanism for providing access to the interior of a corporate (or other network) from an external network. A VPN client creates a network connection that redirects traffic to the targetted protected network from your laptop, desktop, phone, etc.

The University uses an ancient CISCO mechanism to provide this service to staff and PhD candidates.

This requires specific configuration for a number of desktop environments.

The following points at relevant sources of documentation.

Install client

There are three different clients available.


  • Installer available from the main VPN page


  • Note: 10.6 or above does not require an installer, the VPN software is installed as part of the system by default.
  • Installer available from the main VPN page
  • For machines OSX 10.6 and over


Try the built in client first :

The group login

If you are a staff member you will have access to the VPN, so you do not need to make a special application for access. However you do need some login credentials in addition to your normal password.

This is an external wrapper required to allow the mechanism that consumes your credentials to work (we told you it was old).



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