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This article tells you how to setup your mail client on the Faculty of Science mail system.

size=48px Remember
If your University UPI is ffis001, and the end part of your email address is, your user name would be

Quick Connection Details

Incoming Mail

  • Host:
  • Email Address: (What you use now).
  • Username: Your UPI @ your email address domain (usually your department)
  • Password: Your standard University password
  • Port: 993 (SSL)

Outgoing Mail

  • Host:
  • Username: Your UPI @ your email address domain
  • Password: Your standard University password
  • Port: 465 (SSL)

How To Set Up Your Email Client

Instructions for configuring your email client to check mail:

 alpine / pine email client  Apple Mail  Fetchmail script
 Mutt email client  Outlook 2007 Outlook 2003
 Outlook Express 6  Outlook Express 5.5  Thunderbird 2

Email Domains

You will usually have just a single email domain, but you may have more than one if you are working in more than one department, or if your research group has its own email address and we host the email for this. You would then need to set up two mailboxes in the email client. The password for each domain is still the University NetAccount password.

Computer Science
Software Engineering
Science Faculty Office
Science IT
Statistics N/A – uses UXchange instead

Your Email Address and Email Aliases

Your existing email addresses will still work and will continue to work. We use email aliases to map these to the the You do not have to advertise this upi email address and can set up your return email address as it was before. Only the authentication has to use the upi. We can also add email aliases to the email system for new staff, so that they too have more friendly email addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

My new email has no messages in it, can I copy across my old emails?

If you previously had an email account configured with different connection details from those on this page, doing the above steps will have added a new account. In some cases this new account will already have a copy of all of your old email in which case you won’t need to do anything.

Otherwise, you will need to drag the old email into the new account to transfer it across.

Read a description of how to do this with Outlook for Windows or Mail for Apple Mac. Steps for other email clients will be similar.

Who can I contact for more support?

width=32 See the contacts page for phone and email contact details.

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