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Problems and solutions to issues with Office 2013

There have been reports of Problems with some of the applications in Office 2013 especially with Office 2013 64 bit. At the moment I would advise people to not use Office 2013 64 bit but to instead install Office 2013 32 bit version.


What version of Office 2013 is installed on this computer?

To find out what version of Office 2013 is installed on a computer from an Office application go to the File tab, select  Account and click on About Excel/Word etc. this opens a window which shows the information about the version installed .

Problems with Office 2013 64 bit version

Endnote X6

EndNote X6 installs correctly and works with Office 2013 32 bit but not with Office 2013 64 bit. When you first install Office 2013 64 bit. This has been seen on both windows 7 64 bit and Windows 8 x64.


Installing this  Visual C++ Library, repair or remove and reinstall Endnote X6 and I was able to get the Endnote  X6 menu item back into Word 2013. There are some further suggestions here.

 Accessing SharePoint files

SharePoint files can be accessed from Office 2013 32 bit version without doing anything extra. Office 2013 x64 can access SharePoint files, if the user has already accessed SharePoint files. This is application specific so if you have opened word files but not excel files you won’t be able to open excel file from Office 2013 64 bit.



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