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We have s collection of ISOs that can be burned to disk to create a boot-able CD of the
Windows PE operating system.

These are located  at the following:
Which SIT Staff should be able to map to.

These contain tools that allow you to access a Windows machine and perform rescue operations
it.  You have to use the appropriate version for the computer you are repairing if you are to get
full functionality of the tools.

Each Image  contains:

  • Regedit for accessing the faulty computer’s registry offline.
  • Explorer for browsing the filesystem and rescuing files from a system that will not boot
  • Locksmith for changing local user’s password – including the local Administrator.
  • Command line terminal window.
  • Various disk repair and boot repair tools including MBR repair.
  • Tool for restoring the computer to  a previous state – it hooks in to the on-board restore points.
  • Network connectivity at boot time – it will ask you if you want to connect as it is booting
    Useful for using the on-board Antivirus.
  • On the version 7 Antivirus – MS Defender that can be updated with the latest definitions over the network.
    These Definitions  cannot be saved to the CD of course.

Plus other Windows  rescue tools.

You can create a boot-able USB stick version of these disks by using Diskpart to make the USB Active – (Bootable – another article)
and copying the files from the ISO to the USB by using 7zip or the latest Winzip. However usb sticks are vulnerable to boot sector viruses whereas CD or DVDs are not.

At this stage I have not included the Debugger Symbols in these ISOs – so they cannot be used for analysing  Blue Screen Mini Dumps – something for the future  if there is a requirement.
The full MS Desktop Optimization packs are available here:

\ (Site)Desktop Optimization Pack

Including the latest for Windows 8 which includes a tool for creating a boot-able usb .