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This document is aimed at the Knowledge Manager to provide information regarding approving and rejecting articles.

When an article is sent to the Knowledge Manager it needs to be:

  • Checked for consistency
  • Checked for accuracy
  • Confirmed

If these conditions are met, it will be released, otherwise the article will be rejected, and the author contacted.

The process

From the dashboard select “Knowledge Articles”.  This will bring up all the articles and their associated metadata.

Next you can choose from the states across the top.  To view all articles requiring approval, check both pending and retired articles.

The example below uses the article “Article Guidelines”.  As you can see, in the Workflow box, it is set to “Pending”.


Next check to make sure the information in the article is correct, and that it has followed the guidelines set out in the Article Guidelines.  If it has, change the status to “Released”.  Otherwise set it back to “Draft”.  In both of these instances, please make sure to send an email to the member in question.  Let them know that either their document has been Released, or that it has been rejected and the reasons for the rejection.  An automated email is sent out every time a status is changed, with the following format:

Hello [Article Creator],

Your article [article title], has had its status changed to [workflow status], by the Knowledge Manager [Username].

If it has been moved back to Draft, this means it needs additional work, and you should have received an email explaining what needs to be done.

If it has been moved to Retired from Released, this is because it has reached the end of its lifecycle, or has been noted to have incorrect information. Please check the article [article link] as soon as you have time.

Thank you, The Knowledge Manager

In the future all emailing should be handled by the system.


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