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The article below aims to provide a brief summary regarding the process that articles go through in their lifecycle, it is not meant to fully replace the Knowledge Management Handbook, but to supplement it.  It should help users understand article creation.

Article Workflow

Articles go through a series of steps in their lifetime, Draft, Pending, Released and Retired.


When you first create an article, it is assigned the status of draft.  It will stay this way, until the document status is set to Pending (under the workflow heading).  Save a draft, by choosing the “Save Draft” button under the Update heading.


Articles are publicly viewable, this gives you the ability to search for articles that others are currently writing, or those that are waiting to be published.  This should help avoid duplication of information.  Pending articles are watermarked “Pending”, and have the Document Status set to pending on the right, as per the image below:

Example article

The Knowledge Manager is notified when an article is placed into the ‘Pending’ state.


Once the Knowledge Manager has approved an article, it will be placed into Released status.

This removes the watermark on the article.  Released articles will have yearly review lifecycles.  This is handled by the Knowledge Manager.  If an article needs updating, they will contact the creator to make any changes.


You can aid in the review process by using the two links at the bottom of the article underneath the “Feedback” heading.

Update links

The first link is to be used when you find an article that has incorrect information and is in the Released status.  It might be out of date, or have information that is wrong.  It might just need to updated with some new information.

Use the second link when you find an article that is correct and complete, but has the status of Pending or Retired.

By supplying this feedback, you will help ensure that articles are updated quickly and processed quickly by the Knowledge Manager.  Their job is a large one, so helping them out is a good idea!


Retired articles are those which have been identified via feedback to be incorrect, or have reached the end of their lifecycle.  Retired articles are still visible, but display a ‘Retired’ watermark.