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Many new Android phones which do not come with a carrier or manufacturer skin, (e.g. Nexus) are shipped with an English UK keyboard.  This will cause issues when trying to find symbols such as the $ sign.


This can be changed in the following way:

Use keyboard dictionaries

To manage keyboard dictionaries, go to Settings  > Personal > Language & input.

Personal dictionary

You can add your own words to your personal dictionary so that your device remembers them. To add a word or phrase, including an optional shortcut, touch Personal Dictionary, then the Add icon.

Add-on dictionaries

  1. Touch the Settings icon next to Android keyboard.
  2. Touch Add-on dictionaries.You’ll see dictionaries for other languages that you can download to your device.
  3. Touch the dictionary you want, then touch Install.


Further information on supporting Nexus phones, can be found here:

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