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This is the standard University IP address management system

The link is;

Quick Search and Create a new entry are the main areas of activity for IT Support


To Find out which IP to assign

Do a Quick Search of a subnet – eg. enter 130.216.170.

Note there are 2 listed without a mac address, do not use a printer address…modify  “jbri002” (change the naming convention while your at it)

PC Naming convention should be – sc-cs-311587  or sc-mat-311587 (3 characters after “sc” should define the dept. – 311587 is the asset tag)

Full Rincewind name should be –

If there is not one available, create one (find a the next sequential IP number not listed in the range)



The following picture are must have entries when assigning and creating an IP record.

Hostname – this must be the same as the computer name, the standard for SIT is sc-xxx (dept)-xxxxxx (uoa tag)

Comments – some information about the PC (location, who, when and how long)

IP, UPI, Asset, Serial, Support contact is usually sit-sec300 or 200, Location, Mac address, Tick DHCP, Dept (xxxx)

Internet Access – tick External Internet access and select External (usually a given for staff, otherwise leave and students will have to use Netlogin to access the internet)



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