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The purpose of this document


Uniformity – everyone needs to do the job the right way

Leased PC’s have a 3 year cycle period, it is essential to manage the return appropriately to avoid incurring charges

PC’s must be wiped after the documentation steps are followed, this involves a zero write erase of the disk for security purposes

The PC is returned without an image (both Windows and Mac)

The equipment must be returned with peripherals

(Keyboard, Mouse, Power cables for Monitor and PC, VGA & DVI video cables & USB upstream cables)


PC Swap Process


When the New PC arrives insure it has a UOA Tag otherwise apply one and advise Haiying Tan

Insure it is in Kaos

Imaging the New PC – their are various methods found here; Imaging

Deployment Guide is available – Deployment of University Equipment



Very important to get the computer name of the PC before wiping it


Usually done by Haiying Tan when the PC’s have been returned but check that “Lease Returned” is selected

Active Directory Connect to RDS-2 to search and delete the computer object


Rincewind & Machine Manager

Insure the IP association has been edited so the mac address has been removed from the IP, it’s a good idea to leave comments relating to lease return, date etc.

Rincewind – [Rincewind]

Machine Manager – Machine Manager]


Wiping – it is important to wipe the data before returning



Use Disk utility (zero write)


Microsift Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset – Dart 7 CD, zero writes to the disk – boot from Dart CD and get to the Microsoft tools

Try to restore from an image, it will not find one, cancel to get to this tool set

Select Disk Wipe


boot Puppy Linux then run #dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=8M


We no longer need to install a return image for Dell PC’s and Mac’s

But if you feel so inclined – It depends what the PC came with (usually the invoice in Kaos has this information)

EG. Windows – Home Edition

Macs – Install what it came with


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