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The purpose of this document

This article describes the process and steps used to ‘image a machine’ designed for use by Science IT staff.

The proceedures and steps involved to deploy the various images available to Science Faculty users.

Insure the new PC arrives with a UOA asset tag (silver barcode sticker with 6 numbers) otherwise apply one and advise Haiying Tan (procurement officer)

Insure it is in Kaos (asset management application)


Deployment of Equipment

A guide to deploying new equipment found here; Deployment of University Equipment


Assign a Network IP address


There are currently 2 methods

Machine Manager

Depends on location – building 303s all levels (south side facing Wellesley st.) use Machine Manager found here; [Machine Manager]

Instructions to add a machine found here; How to add a new machine to FOS Imaging System?


This is the standard University IP address management system; [Rincewind]

Instructions Found here; Rincewind



Staff – a standard image with the required software is installed with local admin rights assigned

Current standards;

Windows – we use SCCM found here; Imaging a machine with SCCM

Mac – current method is found here; [Mountain Lion]

Linux – according to preference use the latest bootable CD (source for iso’s – There are instructions for ubuntu found here; Linux Base Image

Dual boot – The standard practice is to Install Windows 7 then shrink the volume to half, install Linux on the 2nd partition


Student – managed by the Student services (Sean Davidson)

Lab image – The Lab image is designed for students, it is a dual boot Win7 Linux environment offering all the standard software for the Science Faculty Departments.
The Lab image cycle rebuilds the system monthly so it is essential the user knows that data cannot be saved locally.

The image is deployed from Image Manager; [Image-manager]

It is best to run the image from its location!

For the Lab image to be updated monthly it needs to be included in a script (let Sean know the position name in Machine Manager)

Search and add the Position name using the + , the image to use is Lab Image for new machines with at least 250GB hard drives

Script is Fos-Deploy

The PC needs to reboot using the Network interface

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