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Machine Manager – used to setup a machine record and assign an IP address

The link to this is; [Machine Manager]

The system is only used for machines in building 303s, machines on all levels at the south side of the building

All other locations use Rincewind found here; [Rincewind]


Select Add New and then Machine, add the details like below


The next step after saving is to link it to an IP address record, use which ever IP is free for the subnet

Check another PC in the room to find the subnet to be used

The position name reflects the location of the machine, as in b303s-495a1 (building and room number with location) – its a good idea to keep the computer name the same

For Lab machines with the student image in the open area’s 399, 499 and 599, the naming is convention is gl4a01 (level4 and position number)

It is important that the name remains consistent. Sean has these predefined in a script used to wipe and rebuild the PC’s with the latest image and updates monthly

Should the PC be allocated to a Phd or Masters student the name is changed to prj-gl4a01 (prj = project)

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