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Every New Item should be listed in Kaos (Asset management system)

Haiying Tan (Procurement Officer) is in charge of this, please email Haiying should the later apply –

The PC and Monitor should be shipped with a UOA Silver Asset Tag, if not apply one and advise Haiying

Documentation should also go to Haiying i.e. Packing slips


Imaging – a University image is installed depending on the user preference

Instructions for this can be found here; Imaging

There are two types, Staff (SCCM Win7 deployment) and a Lab image (dual boot Win7 & Linux primarily for students)

Alternatives are available on request – Linux, Mac etc.


Equipment – replace all cables, check if the network cable needs to be changed to Cat6


Windows – Windows Transfer Tool  (located in accessories system tools)


1. USB transfer cable

2. Network – (a good option using a gigabit network)

Using an External location – method involves copying the data twice

Using Network connection – you need 2 network ports

Otherwise another option is using a direct Ethernet connection – setting up a static IP for each


After the scan select the Profile and under Shared Items select customize, untick Public, Logs and anything else not related to Profile, Save and Transfer

Macs – Migration Assistant

Linux – external USB


Software – Insure a list of software is gathered from the old PC to make the transfer seamless, check software that requires export of locally stored databases.

Preferences (Windows Transfer Tool and Mac Migration Assistant does this automatically) – make sure things like suggested names, printers, network drives, favourites, desktop, documents & custom dics are copied across

For Thunderbird and Firefox, you will need to export addresses and bookmarks

IP Address – use the same IP address which is done using Rincewind – [Rincewind] or Machine Manager – [Machines Manager] (Machine Manager assigns IP addresses for building 303s only)


The old machine should be keep for 2 weeks as a backup

Lease Return Instructions are found here; Lease Return Instruction