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From time to time we should all change our passwords for various systems and sometimes it is not always obvious were  to do this. This article is aimed at Science IT staff.

 How to

The most widely used is for all users with  EC or UOA accounts. Changing the password for upi accounts is most easily done by going to the main University web page and selecting Password Change in the quick links drop down box. This will take you to the change password page.

Rincewind  has a change your password link on the front page.

Sfac admin accounts log into and press the Control Alt and Delete keys and select Change a Password… type the old password and the  new password twice to change it. Use the Remote Desktop Connection application rather than Chord from a Mac if you want to change your password.

UOA admin accounts go to and use the SIT Admin Console got to Active Directory Users and Computers right click and select change domain to if needed  and the admin accounts are under fac_scUsers. Right click on your account and select Reset Password.

Linux admin accounts

To change the yourname-admin account password you will need to talk to the Linux team, there is information on this restricted web page .



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