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This article is designed to be used by anyone who wants to change the URL of a printer under OS X, Linux or Unix.

An example of a connection string is:  lpd://


For Mountain Lion (10.8)

Open a web browser and point it at http://localhost:631, if you notice a “Server Internal Error”, then open Terminal from Utilities, and paste in

cupsctl WebInterface=yes

Then carry on with the steps for 10.6 and earlier

For Lion (10.7)

If the CUPS page generates the error “Internal server error” when visiting the Administration page, then run the following two commands in the Terminal, which can be found in Utilities, under Applications.


sudo cupsctl –debug-logging


sudo cupsctl –no-debug-logging

Additional information can be found here.

For Snow Leopard and earlier (10.6-10.4), and Unix Machines

  1. Open a web browser and point it at http://localhost:631
  2. Next click on Administration
  3. Click on the printer you want to modify
  4. Under the Administration drop down box, choose Modify Printer
  5. At this point, under “Other Network Printers” choose the correct protocol.  For instance, if you are using lpd, choose “LPD/LPR Host or Printer “.  If you are using Pharos, ie your protocol shows popup://, then you will want to chose “Pharos Print Server”.
  6. At this point you can modify the Connection entry
  7.  Once you have made the modifications, click continue
  8. On the next next window click continue
  9. On the last window click “Modify Printer”
  10. Done!

Examples of use

As of 28th April 2013, ITS removed from the UOA DNS.  This resulted in any OS X machine with CAPS printing added, having the wrong entry. entries, needed to be changed to, this document was created to help those with this issue.

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