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The Standard OS X Operating Environment (SXOE) should be an extension of the SOE.  Its purpose should be to provide all the services listed in the SOE to the best of its ability.

The standard set of services


OS X machines will be configured to use DHCP over IPv4 as default.  In some cases IPv6 maybe used.  DHCP information will be edited in either Rincewind or Machine Manager depending on subnet.


OS X machines must use a UOA based authentication method.  There are a few to choose from.

Currently Science machines are using the Active Directory authentication method – however all methods above satisfy the SOE requirements for security.

File services (network storage)

OS X provides many different methods for handling network storage (SMB, AFP, FTP, NFS to name a few), however the most common connection to our fileservers is SMB (Server Message Block, also known as Common Internet File System).  As listed in the SOE document, Science users typically connect to the following file services.

The linked documentation provides information on how to connect to each service.


Printing is provided by the CAPS service.  There are two ways of connecting a machine running OS X to the service, coinciding with two different printing models.


For the direct print method, ITS provides a number of different packages coinciding with the different printers.  The website containing their packages can be found here.

Print and Release

This is the preferred method of printing to the CAPS system for OS X machines, typically as it is more reliable.  Assuming the machine follows the rest of the SXOE in terms of authentication, the following method can be used using the built in tool.

Additional information about using CAPS and OS X can be found here.



Sophos is the standard antivirus for the University and we will be moving to NOD32 in future.

Asset Management

The K2 client must be installed to cover our legal requirements.  (THIS MUST BE UPDATED WHEN I GET ACCESS TO THE PROPER K2 DOWNLOAD PAGE)

(To be completed)

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