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First, this guide presumes you are supposed to be connecting to the wireless network, UoA-WiFi, and that you have an Android device.

Tap through

This is done on a Samsung Galaxy S. Your device may vary slightly.

  1. Settings (use the menu key)
  2. Wireless and network
  3. Wi-Fi settings
  4. Tick to enable WiFi. After some scanning the UoA-WiFi menu should become available in the list. Tap this.
  5. Connect
  6. Enter the technical settings:
    • EAP method: PEAP
    • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2 (You may find this not working depending on location so if it fails to connect try “none”)
    • CA certificate: can be left blank, unless you can find the AusCERT CA file.
    • User certificate: can be left blank
    • Identity: (your UPI)
    • Anonymous identity:
    • Password: ******** (your NetAccount password)
    • [CONNECT]





  • TTLS


Doesn’t seem fussed. Perhaps it is obtaining the certificates in the chain from somewhere? Should be issued by AusCERT Server CA.

Further documentation

Basic guides for connecting various devices:

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