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 A windows file server

Winfiles.fos is a Windows Server configured to provide file services. This system is seen as a partner to Files.fos, providing a flavour of service that complements the more *NIXy style of the cluster.

Room to work

Winfiles.fos boasts 53TB of RAID5 storage configured for reasonable robustness -we are well protected against drive failures. The storage is presented as a single share. To maximise capacity, shadow copy services have not been configured, so version management is an end-user responsibility.


Access is provided through Windows Sharing (SMB) and WebDAV.

SMB is essentially the standard desktop protocol for file sharing on campus. It is supported on all desktop environments deployed by SIT in the Faculty of Science. Unfortunately, SMB is too vulnerable to attack to be used for providing access to off campus users without additional security (eg. VPN), so winfiles.fos can also be used via the webDAVprotocol -essentially a file service running over web protocols.

Authentication and authorization

Authentication, authorization and management are all handled using standard Windows services and the server itself is part of the SFAC directory in which we deploy most desktop environments in the Faculty. Desktop access to this system should be fully integrated for most users on campus -the login you use for your desktop will get you into any network folder on winfiles.fos you are authorised to access.

WebDAV users, and people who do not use EC authentication may need to provide additional authentication details when accessing resources hosted on winfiles.fos. provides a simple summary of the details for connecting to the server. People wanting to use resources on winfiles.fos while using eLecterns or systems managed by areas outside of Science, can use this web link as an easy way to access the server.


Winfiles.fos can be used for all sorts of things -it is essentially a file service. In specific circumstances, IT staff may choose to deploy services to end users through winfiles.fos. However, winfiles is really to be seen as a resource for people needing capacity beyond what is provided by Files.fos.

At this time, people logging on to this service need to have accounts in one or other of the University directories. This is generally staff and students, but the service could be extended to guests if required -though the process is a little complex. Feel free to ask us about this sort of thing if a need arises.

If you have a requirement, send a note to the web services group using the Big Red Button (see The Big Red Button).

Further information

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Files.fos is a high availability cluster delivering file services for users and agents.


Scidrive is a Windows file server providing a raw file share with snapshot and rollback capability. It would suit groups that have large numbers of shared files accessed for change by multiple users. It is not constrained by the resource limitations of Sharepoint, or the enforced quotas of SONAS.

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