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UoA-WiFi would be the normal network to use on campus for staff and students. You need to provide login details to connect, but once you are on line this service allows you to access resources on the University network and on the internet.





Use EC credentials. The user accounts need to be in specific groups in NetAccount (expressed via the EC/AD directory exports)

  • wifiaccess
  • canUseExternalIP


  • PEAP (MSCHAPv2) (You may find MSCHAPv2 non functional, try leaving it out if failing to connect)
  • TTLS


WPA2 enterprise

certificate issed by AUSCert -check the chain to verify.

Where does this leave me

The behaviour will differ for staff and student users of the system.

Both types are assigned IP addresses in a non-routed private network range –172.23/18 for students172.24/18 for staff.

These ranges attach to the University network inside the border firewall -so have access to resources available to machines on campus as long the services do not specifically block non 130.216/16 addresses.

Both networks have internet access but the student subnet is subject to packet shaping which will limit individual connection speeds to 256Kb/s.


Further documentation

Basic guides for connecting various devices:

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