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Another windows file server

Scdrive is a Windows Server configured to provide file services. This system is seen as a partner to Files.fos and Winfiles, providing a flavour of service that complements the more *NIXy style of the cluster, and the brute force storage approach used on the other Windows box.

Room for administration and collaboration

Scidrive hosts 20TB of shared storage which is complemented by a shadow volume of the same size. This is configured to store up to 64 different versions of files and folders allowing for retrospective version management, reversal of accidental change or deletion, etc.


Access is provided through Windows Sharing (SMB). WebDAV will be available soon.

SMB is essentially the standard desktop protocol for file sharing on campus. It is supported on all desktop environments deployed by SIT in the Faculty of Science. Unfortunately, SMB is too vulnerable to attack to be used for providing access to off campus users without additional security (eg. VPN).

Authentication and authorization

Authentication, authorization and management are all handled using standard Windows services and the server itself is part of the UOA directory hosted by ITS and used for services such as Sharepoint and Exchange.. Desktop access to this system should be fully integrated for most users on campus -the login you use for your desktop will get you into any network folder on scidrive you are authorised to access. provides a simple summary of the details for connecting to the server.


Other servers

Files.fos is a high availability cluster delivering file services for users and agents. Winfiles is a large Windows file server.

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