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Science IT updates the teaching lab image eight times per year. The schedule for requesting, testing and deploying updates is below.

NOTE: If you do not see the calendar below, you probably don’t have internet access. Try running NetLogin and signing in using your UPI and password.

Student Services Lab schedule

Departmental representatives

Requests are communicated to the ScienceIT lab team via representatives in each department.

  • Biological Sciences – Yvette Wharton
  • Chemistry – Johannes Reynisson
  • Computer Science – Ewan Tempero
  • SGGES – Graeme Glen
  • Mathematics – Maryam Alavi
  • Optometry – Andrew Collins
  • Physics – Maarten Hoogerland
  • Psychology – Michael Hautus
  • Sport & Exercise Science – Bruce Rattray
  • Statistics – David Smith
  • Engineering – Mike Renwick
  • FMHS – David Body

Software requests

Current software list

For each piece of new or updated software requested, we need the following information:

  • Software name and version
  • Environment in which the software should be installed (i.e., Windows, Linux and/or Mac)
  • Exact location that the installer and any support files can be accessed from
  • Any customizations required in installing the software (ScienceIT will run the installer and select all default values unless advised otherwise)
  • Licensing details of the application (is it a site license or are there a certain number of licenses? if the latter, who / where can it be used?)
  • Contact details of staff who will test the application once installed and be notified of changes and updates
  • Instructions on where to download/obtain any additional custom made/home-made files needed – URLs
  • (optional) Courses these applications will be used in
  • (optional) Rooms that these applications will be used in
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