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A file sharing service for the Faculty of Science

Files.fos provides a file share service for the Faculty of Science. Rather than a single server, it is a cluster of servers providing a range of features. This clustering provides a mixture of load balancing and redundancy that allows services to be maintained across failures in components or within the connective infrastructure.


In general, people using files.fos are expected to connect using SMB/CIFS -essentially the protocol and file system used by Windows. This means that most desktop systems deployed in the faculty have a native mechanism for mounting network volumes hosted by this service.

Access to the file system exposed through the shares hosted on files.fos is managed through user and group information maintained in NetAccount. To connect to this server you need to use your EC credentials (NetAccount username and password) -Windows users probably need to include the ecas part of your username (ie. ec<your upi>). Mac and Linux users do not have to do this.


NOTE as of 6 December 2012, files.fos will now accept UoA credentials. Windows users can use uoa<your upi> to authenticate. This change was made as part of the ongoing Roles and Responsibilities work of 2010-2013.


Files.fos delivers three standard shares or volumes to typical users of the service:

Your personal folder

\<your upi>


smb://<your upi>

Created automatically for all staff in the faculty and most PhDs.

Mapped as the j: drive on Windows systems modelled after the standard operating environment maintained by Science IT.





Mapped as the s: drive on Windows systems modelled after the standard operating environment maintained by Science IT. This volume subdivides into sections for departments, research groups and support functions.





There is no standard mapping for this volume. This share exposes the file system attached to the web cluster to allow editors, content producers and web site owners a unified approach to accessing this material.


Other shares

Some parts of the file systems hosted on the files.fos cluster are exported via NFS and made available to specific hosts and users.

More information

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